Wednesday, January 28, 2009

An Update

So... i haven't written on here for quite awhile. So I'll give a little update of what's been going on in my life. The biggest thing that has happened recently is... I'M ENGAGED!! Andrew proposed on Christmas night. I was pretty surprised actually. I knew we were probably getting engaged soon, but I didn't think he would propose on Christmas. My dad flew in from Florida that day, and when we got home, Andrew came over to ask my dad for his blessing. After they talked for awhile, we went outside and he had a giant red box of beautiful calla lilies for me. Then he got down on his knee on the wet pavement and asked me to marry him!! It was so perfect. We are SOOO excited to get married!! The date is May 23, 2009, and we're getting sealed in the Boise Temple. I cannot wait to be married! He is so wonderful and sweet! So now, we're just planning the wedding together, and going to school. It's a little bit tough with him being in Provo at BYU and me in Pocatello at ISU. The distance is a little hard. But we do well with it. The planning is going great! I've already got my wedding dress, and have a place for the reception. Things are moving right along! This past weekend, we went and looked at wedding bands for him. We found some definite possibilities :) It's been a lot of fun. Also a little stressful. But I'm pretty sure all weddings are stressful. We're starting to look at apartments and see where we want to leave. We'll be in Provo next year, so I thought it would be easier to just get settled in there right from the start. But we'll see. We still may stay in Meridian/Boise for the summer. We are getting our engagement pictures taken here within the next few weekends. So that's the next big project. Also, my mom and I are going to try and attempt to make our wedding cake. I know of a family who's daughter just got married a few months ago, and they made her wedding cake. It turned out beautifully. And it looked like it came from a bakery. So I thought we could at least try to see if we could make the wedding cake. We'll see how that goes. I think it'll be fun!! School is going pretty well so far this semester. We're about 3 weeks in. I'm taking 13 credits, and I'm really liking all of my classes so far. My math class is a little hard, and so is my biology class. So i'll just have to study hard!! I can't wait to be done with classes for this semester and just focus on putting our wedding together. Luckily, I only have 3 more classes(hopefully) next semester to take, and I can apply to the Dental Hygiene program at UVU in Provo in February. Hopefully i'll get in!! Everything is going great though!! 

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